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Whether it's a Marketing leader, an Operations Leader, or someone in middle management with a great idea, IT should be able to translate the needs of the business into actionable items or projects. Buzzwords excluded.

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Melissa Mullin

I spent 23 years working for a major casino company. I wore many hats in my various roles over the years, working in many different areas of the casino, from customer-facing in roles such as Cocktail Server, to Analytics, to Corporate Marketing and Leadership. I spent the last 12 years using Salesforce to transform the way we communicated with our best customers.

What makes me unique is that I was born and raised in Operations and Marketing. I taught myself how to be an innovator and how to use Salesforce, and used that special combination of skills and experience to create a best-in-class CRM that is still in use today.

I have my Salesforce Administrator certification. Staying up-to-date on the basics of the functionality keeps me relevant. Being able to translate that into an invaluable tool for the business is my core.


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